Game of Thrones | Bronn of House Reyne Theory

I'm sure that some of you are aware of this fan theory. There are quite a few blogs that try to explain Bronn's connection to House Reyne but they fail to highlight one particular moment that most of us mistook for Bronn's selfishness.

I'd like to mention that if you watch all of Bronn's segments from GoT, you won't be 100% convinced that he could be the only surviving member of House Reyne. 

Season 7 is closing in and I'm going to talk about this underrated fan fiction. It's better than 90% of '[Insert Name] is a Targaryen' theories out there.

Before I begin with the actual theory, let me refresh the famous Lannister song - The Rains of Castamere. The song is about the failed rebellion of House Reyne of Castamere against their Lannister overlords. The Lords that fought for House Reyne were killed when the mines that they were hiding in were locked and flooded on Tywin's command. The song is often used for intimidation.

Let's talk about the …

Game of Thrones | Season 7 Trailer 2 Breakdown

Game of Thrones just dropped the second trailer for season 7. Here's my breakdown; there are a few revealing scenes and it certainly feeds some fan fiction.

Sansa looks like she just killed Littlefinger as she walks away from the Weirwood tree. We hear Littlefinger tell her how he's always fighting battles everywhere in Westeros inside of his mind. I honestly don't think that Sansa is interested in any place but Winterfell. Those words sound like they could be his last words. 

The first point of my breakdown worries me the most. It deserves to be separate from the rest of the points. It's Bran crossing the wall. We all know what happens next. 

1. We see the people of King's Landing welcome a group of spearmen. Point to note: Their spears have black ends and yellow/red bodies. Given the fact that no one in King's Landing looked happy or emotionally alive when Cersei took the throne, this is probably not the Lannister army coming back from war. More on this later.


Game of Thrones | Season 7 Trailer Breakdown

Game of Thrones released a surprisingly short trailer for the upcoming Season 7 a day ago. What was more surprising is that it had every little to offer. If you've watched all the six seasons and made a few reckonings for season 7, then the trailer was just a motion-picture depiction of all of it.

People are upset about the absence of white walkers; but lads, the TV show will upload a couple more trailers in the next few weeks. We all are secretly or openly upset about the last 13 episodes ever; so I guess a little humor in this breakdown will do. 

I would like to mention one thing before I go on with the breakdown - I still think Daenerys will never sit on the Iron Throne. I know I share that with thousands of other fans. Let's begin.

The first thing I noticed is that the badge on Grey Worm's armor is a Targaryen badge. And he's wearing black top to bottom with the Targaryen silver (their hair color) in places. The Unsullied are now an 'official' part of Dany'…

House of Cards | Season 5 Trailer Breakdown

I'm sure you all have watched the Season 5 trailer of House of Cards by now. In this blog post, I will try to make a detailed analysis of the trailer highlighting the important details. I have already mentioned the 2016 Election spoiler in my previous blog post. Check it out if you haven't already.

So, in the scene below, we see Frank snatch what looks like a newspaper from the hands of a congressman. This could be from the first episode where Hammerschmidt's story on Frank is supposed to gain the heat.

The above screenshot is an interesting one. Frank won New York, which is supposed to be Conway's state. I know New York is a democratic stronghold but it had to be a shock that the people wouldn't want their own governor to be President. Maybe we'll get an insight into gerrymandering. Or maybe Conway losing New York has something to do with the bloody (inky?) mishap later in the trailer and the funeral scene prior to this one:

The bloody mishap looks more like ink …