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Game of Thrones | Season 7 Trailer 2 Breakdown

Game of Thrones just dropped the second trailer for season 7. Here's my breakdown; there are a few revealing scenes and it certainly feeds some fan fiction. Sansa looks like she just killed Littlefinger as she walks away from the Weirwood tree. We hear Littlefinger tell her how he's always fighting battles everywhere in Westeros inside of his mind. I honestly don't think that Sansa is interested in any place but Winterfell. Those words sound like they could be his last words.  The first point of my breakdown worries me the most. It deserves to be separate from the rest of the points. It's Bran crossing the wall. We all know what happens next.  1. We see the people of King's Landing welcome a group of spearmen. Point to note: Their spears have black ends and yellow/red bodies. Given the fact that no one in King's Landing looked happy or emotionally alive when Cersei took the throne, this is probably not the Lannister army coming back from war. More