Game of Thrones | Season 7 Trailer 2 Breakdown

Game of Thrones just dropped the second trailer for season 7. Here's my breakdown; there are a few revealing scenes and it certainly feeds some fan fiction.

Sansa looks like she just killed Littlefinger as she walks away from the Weirwood tree. We hear Littlefinger tell her how he's always fighting battles everywhere in Westeros inside of his mind. I honestly don't think that Sansa is interested in any place but Winterfell. Those words sound like they could be his last words. 

The first point of my breakdown worries me the most. It deserves to be separate from the rest of the points. It's Bran crossing the wall. We all know what happens next. 

1. We see the people of King's Landing welcome a group of spearmen. Point to note: Their spears have black ends and yellow/red bodies. Given the fact that no one in King's Landing looked happy or emotionally alive when Cersei took the throne, this is probably not the Lannister army coming back from war. More on this later.

2. Daenerys is gliding her hand over the map-table and it looks like it was untouched after Stannis left.

3. We hear Jon say, "for centuries our families fought together against their common enemy despite their differences, together. We need to do the same if we're going to survive. Because the enemy is real. It's always been real". Now, this sounds like something he would say to Cersei Lannister. Because Jon implies that the two families have had differences for a long time. The Starks and the Targaryens were fine until the Mad King. The common enemy could be the Mad King and the Greyjoys (Balon Greyjoy blew up the Lannister fleet during Robert's Rebellion and Ned Stark attacked the Iron Islands and took away Theon). It'll be unfair to completely rule out that he is talking to Daenerys in this segment.

4. The one to the left is a Dothraki rider and you can clearly see the Lannister men to the right. Notice the burning field in the background. More on that later.

5. This looks like Yara jumping on to the deck in another field of fire. It is quite clear that Euron attacks Yara's fleet after Daenerys has parted ways. He wouldn't risk challenging the mother of dragons with wooden ships.

6. We see Jaime Lannister commanding his archers in the open field we saw burning. There's Bronn right next to him.

7. Black ravens flying over a field of men. Or not men. The army looks enormous and it's in the north. No one in the North has a huge army of unmounted men. These are wights. And then we do cut to the Night King looking up. The immediate scene of Bran being warged into something indicates that he's warged into these ravens (more than one?). And the Night King looking up means that he can sense the presence of Bran. 

8. Bran is in a wheelchair. This looks like the same Weirwood tree that Sansa is seen walking away from in the beginning of the trailer. And it's the same one that we saw in the pilot episode where Ned's cleaning his sword. And who's the old man in the shot? It could be Howland Reed. Since Meera is going to cross the wall, we can expect her reunion with her father, more importantly, the man who knows about Jon's parentage.

9. Look at Beric Dondarrion's super cool flaming sword. This looks like an Azor Ahai tease. He's probably not the prince that was promised. But the sword is the best one I've seen on the show yet; its theatrics especially. One would use a burning sword to kill wights. And the trailer does confirm that later.

10. We then see a Greyjoy fleet. It's got golden sigils on black banners. The ships are black with golden work on them. These clearly aren't the ships that Theon and Yara were on in the Season 6 finale. This looks like Euron's fleet.

11. The shot cuts to the same fleet sailing towards King's Landing. If someone showed me this picture a few months ago, I would be surprised. But now I'm more interested in knowing when this happens in the TV show's timeline. Does Euron meet with Cersei before attacking Yara's fleet? Or does this happen after the attack? I think this scene happens after Euron ambushes Yara's fleet. I think he takes Yara and Ellaria captive and that's when their strange making out scene happens.

12. This looks like a few of the Unsullied are opening the gates for their buddies. But wait, aren't those the same spears we saw earlier? Yellow/Red bodies and black ends? Do the Unsullied take King's Landing successfully? Because Cersei's Kingsguard (Queensguard?) doesn't use spears. They have swords. And no one would be happy to see them come back to the capital alive if they ever went to war. 

13. Jaime's riding on the same burning battlefield from before. He looks furious. I hope agitation doesn't get the best of him. But this is not it. What we see next is concerning. 

Now we know where the fire came from. And look, someone's riding Drogon. Many thought it was Tyrion when we saw a similar shot in the first trailer. And it does look like him. It's not Daenerys because you can't really spot her silver hair. Will Tyrion be forced to ride a dragon against his own brother? It depends on who the dragon in this frame is. There's a faint green shade on this one. Or maybe I'm just seeing green because I want it to be not Drogon. Because if it's Drogon, it'll mean that it's Daenerys who's riding him.

14. Here are Jon and company surrounded by wights. Jon looks like he couldn't care less. We can see that the wights are able to climb on the rock; Jon's going to need a ride to get out of there. So the rumors about Dany coming to Jon's rescue are probably true. These rumors also said that it'll be the end for Beric. And that it'll be the end for one of Dany's dragons. Ice dragon fans; here's your stuff. And the reason why Jon couldn't care less is probably because he sees the wights differently now that he's a resurrected man. More on that later.

15. That is clearly Sandor Clegane. And you can see a Lannister guard in the background. Also, the structure that they're in looks like a fighting pit. Maybe it's time for the trial by combat that we've all been waiting for. It probably isn't a trial by combat, but it sure does feed the hype of Cleganebowl. At this point, a lot is happening around Cersei. The Valonqar prophecy is closing in. (Note: I think Cersei flees the capital with her Queensguard and Ser Robert Strong before the Unsullied take it. And Sandor Clegane runs into his zombie brother elsewhere.)

16. We see Jon and Davos. They're not in the north as there's no snow around them. We see the same kind of huge rocks that we see at Dragontstone. Your favorite GoT fantasy couple is going to meet after all.

17. That looks like Jon. A bit like Benjen too. But the sword looks like long-claw. It's a Valyrian sword and Jon is good at his swordsmanship. I think the reason we see Jon and the Brotherhood Without Banners beyond the wall is that they think that Beric Dondarrion could be Azor Ahai. He is probably not and they will realize that when he dies during their little expedition.

18. Dothrakis riding through fire? These people really are badasses and Robert was certainly right. Only a fool would meet with the Dothrakis on an open field.

19. Theon, is that you? Did Yara die in that ambush we saw before? Theon could've managed to run away on a rescue boat and land somewhere safe. The reason I think it's Theon is that the people he's with couldn't care less about him and they sure do resemble his Ironborn buddies. Now, remember the frame where we see Euron's fleet sailing towards King's Landing? There's a good chance that Euron is having his breakdown because he lost Yara. She could be dead like I said before, or she could be held captive by Euron. He'll be looking to offer the Queen two of her enemies in exchange for something.

20. Look at Euron's badass weapon. The actor who plays Euron recently said that his character is worse than Ramsay Bolton. I'm excited.

21. Hey, I'm here to help. Don't eat help.

22. Remember when I said that the man fighting the walker was Jon? Well, listen to what Sansa is saying in the background. The moment we see the wounded rider, we hear, "the lone wolf dies". Referring to the opening scene, this could be Sansa talking to Littlefinger. I'm taking the theory as a fact that Littlefinger will die this season. (Note: Arya was a lone wolf when she was attacked by the Waif in Braavos. Maybe she really did die and this is a very subtle clue to the 'Arya is Waif' theory. Ned was alone when he died. Robb was alone when he died. Rickon was alone when he died. Jon was alone when he died.)

23. The King In The Norff! This scene conveys more than what most people understood. The wights are just standing at a distance. They aren't charging towards Jon. Maybe it's because they can't differentiate Jon from themselves because he's basically a dead man reborn, just like all of them are. If you like over-the-top fan fiction, here's one - What if the magic that keeps the wights up and running is similar to the magic that keeps Jon alive? The Night King being the God of coldness offers a very cold second life to his people. The Lord of Light being the Lord of Fire offers a life similar to all the living humans. If the Lord of Light falls then maybe the people he's resurrected will fall as well. That's how all the wights will die; they will die with the Night King; they will die with his cold magic. But the mechanism of how the Lord of light would fall is unclear.

Did I miss anything? Let me know. This trailer had a lot to offer and now I can wait for the TV show to air in chaotic peace.


  1. Great trailer review! One point to make though - it was Robert Baratheon, Not Ned Stark, that said "only a fool would meet the Dorthraki in an open field."


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