Game of Thrones | Bronn of House Reyne Theory

I'm sure that some of you are aware of this fan theory. There are quite a few blogs that try to explain Bronn's connection to House Reyne but they fail to highlight one particular moment that most of us mistook for Bronn's selfishness.

I'd like to mention that if you watch all of Bronn's segments from GoT, you won't be 100% convinced that he could be the only surviving member of House Reyne. 

Season 7 is closing in and I'm going to talk about this underrated fan fiction. It's better than 90% of '[Insert Name] is a Targaryen' theories out there.

Before I begin with the actual theory, let me refresh the famous Lannister song - The Rains of Castamere. The song is about the failed rebellion of House Reyne of Castamere against their Lannister overlords. The Lords that fought for House Reyne were killed when the mines that they were hiding in were locked and flooded on Tywin's command. The song is often used for intimidation.

Let's talk about the first time we see Bronn. It's when Tyrion is brought to the Eyrie and is about to be thrown off the moon-door for his alleged crime. Bronn comes forward to be Tyrion's champion and once he wins, he makes it pretty clear that he did it all for the gold. A sellsword siding with a Lannister for gold makes sense.

Moving on to ASOIAF, in book 3, Tyrion tells Bronn how Tywin forced Tyrion's wife Tysha to 'service' Lannister soldiers. Bronn tells Tyrion that whether he was 13 or 30, he would have killed the person who did that to him. Many fans have pointed out that this could be how Bronn plants the idea of revenge in Tyrion's mind.

The most important scene is right before Tyrion's trial for Joffrey's regicide. Bronn tells Tyrion how he's found the right woman and convinces him that he can't be his champion for the trial. He even attempts to get into Cersei's good graces when it becomes clear that Tyrion could be beheaded. Bronn probably sees this as an opportunity to have one Lannister man killed. He knows that beating the Mountain in a one-on-one is difficult. But what he understands even better is that even if Tyrion wins the trial, Cersei won't let it go. Why'd she let the man who killed her son live? Remember how she ordered for the butcher's boy to be killed in season 1? 

Bronn's now close to Jaime Lannister. If he knows about Dany, then he knows that Cersei and Jaime will die. The only Lannister left would be Tyrion and how difficult it is to stab a friend in the back? Is Bronn the only surviving member of House Reyne?

I still like to think that Bronn is a hired muscle and nothing more. With only 13 episodes left, I don't see how this theory will fit in the huge mess that's about to happen.


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