Game of Thrones | Season 7 Trailer Breakdown

Game of Thrones released a surprisingly short trailer for the upcoming Season 7 a day ago. What was more surprising is that it had every little to offer. If you've watched all the six seasons and made a few reckonings for season 7, then the trailer was just a motion-picture depiction of all of it.

People are upset about the absence of white walkers; but lads, the TV show will upload a couple more trailers in the next few weeks. We all are secretly or openly upset about the last 13 episodes ever; so I guess a little humor in this breakdown will do. 

I would like to mention one thing before I go on with the breakdown - I still think Daenerys will never sit on the Iron Throne. I know I share that with thousands of other fans. Let's begin.

The first thing I noticed is that the badge on Grey Worm's armor is a Targaryen badge. And he's wearing black top to bottom with the Targaryen silver (their hair color) in places. The Unsullied are now an 'official' part of Dany's army. 

Dany is who Cersei refers to as the enemy to the east. So she's aware of the Queen's Landing. I like wordplay. Euron Greyjoy's fleet is, of course, the enemy to the west. The Dornish and Tyrell armies are the enemies to the south. And the Starks are the enemies to the north. Arya looks a bit chubby in this one. I remember the KFC chicken that Walder Frey served Robb and his people when they visited the Twins for the first time. I'd get chubbier too.

Next, we see Dany standing in front of the gates of what looks like Dragonstone. But in a few seconds, the trailer confirms that it is Dragonstone when we see Dany standing at the famous crafted wooden table made by Aegon I. The same one where we saw Stannis make plan his moves and where he and Melissandre conceived the killer baby that got both the Baratheon brothers killed eventually. 


Then the trailer cuts to Cersei in the throne room. Jaime's standing right next to her. He's the Lord of Casterly Rock. And Cersei says that she and he are the last Lannisters, the last ones who count. She leaves Tyrion out of her concerns, of course. 

Then we see a few Lannister men storm out of a door and combat with knights in black. They're probably Dany's men. And you see the Lannister 'L' on top. The architecture doesn't look like the one at King's Landing. At least the Red Keep. While it is possible that Cersei had all the Lannister-Baratheon flags and symbols replaced with just Lannister ones, it's highly likely that the place we see in this shot is Casterly Rock. 

The Lannister men are small in number and they look like swordsmen-janitors more than real knights. 

The next significant shot is of Lady Melissandre looking over the top of what looks like Dragonstone. She's looking at the people who're walking in from the narrow pathway. Some people say they could be Jon Snow's men as messengers. But in a modern world of Ravens, why'd someone be so old-school to walk to deliver messages? 

Then we hear Ser Davos give a wise speech like he does at least once every season. This time, it seems like he's speaking to Dany. We know there are rumors that Jon and Dany meet with each other to talk about the threat of the Night King. And we know that both Jon and Sansa are terrible negotiators. It makes sense that they'd let Ser Davos lead the conversation with someone as 'stubborn' as Dany.

The next shot is something many have gotten wrong. We see a ship burning in what seems like Dragonfire. Because there's another ship burning at a distance. Some said that it could be Dany attacking an enemy ship. Probably one of Euron's. 

But if you take a close look, you don't see people running around in the deck. They're fighting each other. Also, it looks like another ship stormed into the one in the middle of the frame from the right to make its men land on the other ship.

It's certainly not Dragonfire. You can see a man carrying a torch. And they have swords and shields, unlike the Dothrakis. It looks like Euron's fleet ambushed Dany's. It wouldn't mean much if this scene happens before Dany lands on Westeros. Because we know she lands safely. Maybe this happens later in the season when she sends her men to King's Landing.

Then we see a hand that looks greyscale-infected. It's definitely Jorah Mormont. And it looks like he couldn't find the cure. Or maybe it's how a greyscale-cured hand looks like. Shireen's face looked better. But it was years after she was infected and cured. 

Then we see the mounted Dothrakis attack the Lannister foot soldiers. The field is dry grass and it could be the region between the Reach and Casterly Rock. A place of strategic importance to the crown.

Then we see some Greyworm - Missandei action. And then some Yara - Ellaria action. Both are self-explanatory. It's nice that Yara and Ellaria get along. But I hope Ellaria is not wearing her poison lipstick. 

Also, Yara looks like a younger version of Lysa Arryn. 

The next shot is one of my favorites. It's so subtle that many have missed the major part of it. Check it out:

We can see someone knock the Lannister symbol off the map. The first thing this shot does is confirm that the Lannister - Targaryen combat we saw earlier in the trailer happened at Casterly Rock. You can see the letters C & A. The second and my favorite part is that this is Aegon I's carved table from Dragonstone. The table is short and a normal-sized human will have to bend a little to reach the table. But the person in the shot looks like their arms are at the level of the table. I think it's Tyrion who knocks off the Lannister symbol. 

We know Tyrion loves Jaime. And he'd never make a decision that would harm him. So if you're afraid that Jaime could've been at Casterly Rock when Dany's men attacked, he probably wasn't. 

The next shot isn't much significant at first. You see two men jump off into the water from what looks like a burning ship. So it's from the scene before. One thing that hit me was that the TV show tirelessly mentioned how the Dothraki were scared of ships and seas. Would this fear become Dany's Achilles heel in the waters? They've managed to set the sails far enough like we saw in the Season 6 finale. I hope the TV show hasn't forgotten that the Dothrakis are afraid of the seas.

And in the end, we see a typical end-of-trailer/season dragon shot. So what do you guys think? I know the trailer didn't tell us a lot of new things. No new characters were shown either. And there was no background music. This makes me think that we will get a proper 3+ minutes' trailer soon. but I won't rest my faith in that.

If you spotted some easter eggs in the trailer, let me know in the comments. I'll soon be posting about the best season 7 fan-theory out there. Thank you for reading!


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